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Gourmet Kitchen lightPerhaps you missed your calling as a culinary connoisseur, or you’re working toward becoming the next Food Channel star. Or maybe you simply just want to become a better cook for your own satisfaction.

A gourmet kitchen makes cooking a lot more fun and a lot less challenging, regardless of your skill level in the kitchen.

Anybody can whip up a meal with the most basic of tools, but a gourmet kitchen is designed for the culinary artist who uses the finest ingredients and doesn’t want the conditions of the kitchen to thwart his or her culinary artistic masterpieces.

Poor kitchen conditions can be one cause for a potential masterpiece to flop. A gourmet kitchen should be more than adequate or beautiful; every appliance and utensil choice should be perfect for its task in meal preparation.

Put the perfect conditions in place with these recommended design features of your gourmet kitchen and watch your culinary passion come to life!

Your Gourmet Kitchen Appliances

The range or oven is the most important feature in a gourmet kitchen. Temperature of your stove or oven is extremely important. Accurate, consistent temperature is so important to successful gourmet cooking and cheaper models don’t can’t compete, the cook will do well to invest in a range of oven that will up to the task and demands of the connoisseur.

Gas ranges and ovens are superior to electric for their control, although some cooks like the option of having at least one electric burner on the range.

While almost all connoisseur cooks will almost certainly prefer a gas range, but most bakers will also want an electric convection oven.

Some designers solve this problem by putting in a counter top range and stacking convection ovens in another area of the kitchen. However, if your kitchen is smaller, your may consider a freestanding dual fuel range/convection oven.

Some cooks have placed microwaves with vents save space in the kitchen, but their placement over the range is not advised in gourmet kitchen design.  From my firefighting experience a range hood that can handle high output burners and range-top grills or griddles is best to install in order to capture excess moisture, smoke, and aerosolized grease.

Choose a range hood that vents outdoors and, for large ranges, exhausts at least 600 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is large enough to match (or extend past) the size of the range.

Refrigerators Add CharmRefrigerators Can add value and joy to the gourmet Kitchen Refrigerators should be as big and spacious as your kitchen allows, in order to grant the connoisseur cook ample room for fresh ingredients and storage for larger meals. The gourmet cook now has many choices in refrigerators, from professional grade walk-in type refrigerators to pull-out units that fit under the counter and are disguised by matching cabinetry faces.

There other high end appliances that the connoisseur cook will need, some of thees popular appliances include dishwashers, wine refrigerators, and a self-sustaining island.

Plenty of Gourmet Kitchen Storage

A gourmet cooks next greatest desire is for storage. Custom StorageStorage must be plentiful, easily reached, and organized so that items needed are at the cook’s ready in the preparing area rather than another part of the kitchen where he or she will have to go get them. Cabinets are a crucial part of any kitchen design, but a gourmet’s kitchen needs cabinets that are practical and beautiful.Choosing the right cabinet options can also be the key to making a smaller kitchen work better for the gourmet enthusiast, who wants a professional-grade stove, above all else.

Many Gourmet Kitchen Counter tops

Granite Counter TopKeep in mind that a gourmet kitchen will be heavily used. It must be designed to to take the this heavy use. The materials should be carefully chosen to meet the challenge. There are many options  for counter tops, but for the gourmet cook only a few materials will stand up to the slicing, dicing, spilling and staining of a connoisseur’s cooking habits.The material of choice in a lot of gourmet restaurants is stainless steel counter tops, Other durable options include natural stone, stained concrete, granite,tile, wood, laminate, acryllic/solide surface and for the environmentally-minded, recycled glass.

Butcher block can add warmth and old-world charm, and is loved by most connoisseur bakers who also love marble surfaces for rolling out pastries.

But you must keep in mind that every counter top surface has drawbacks, and because of there heavy use may require sealing and other ongoing upkeep.

Most modern kitchens can allow for more than one counter top material to be used, so it’s use and style can the determining factor. For instance, a gourmet kitchen might have granite counter tops with a butcher block island and one section of marble for pastry prep.

Choose the right Gourmet Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel SinkThe kitchen sink plays an important and integral role to gourmet cooking, and should never be looked at as merely a place just for washing up. You can use any quality material is, so long as it is heavy enough not to dent (lightweight stainless steel dents easily) or chip (like porcelain). The size of the kitchen sink is  very important. A sink should be deep enough handle large pots easily, and an under mount sink – meaning it is installed under the counter material with no protruding lip – allows the cook to sweep food tidbits from the counter straight into the sink for disposal.

Gourmet sinks should have practical features integrated in the design. For example a faucet that pulls out for spraying is a must-have feature.

Proper Lighting in the Gourmet

Important LightingFor a gourmet connoisseur to utilize the work space and high end appliances at his or her disposal is to have lighting over all areas of the work space. His work goes much quicker, safer and more expertly when his lighting is adequate lighting. Counter tops and other kitchen work areas need lots of light – four times the normal amount of light in a dining room or eating area. Under-cabinet lighting, pendant lights, or ceiling-mounted fixtures can be an all important part of a well-lit gourmet kitchen.

A self-sustaining island

Self Sustaining IslandA gourmet kitchen island can be like having a second kitchen in the middle of your kitchen. It needs to have plenty of counter space; its own sink, cabinets and drawers for storage; and other features like additional ovens, microwaves, and a second dishwasher. It’s often designed around the particular needs of the connoisseur using it the most. The island can be split to create two work stations, and a baking station can several inches lower to make it easier to work with dough. Plugs and pull out shelves inside the cabinets will keep large appliances like the Kitchen Aid ready at all times. The island can have a separate dish washing station and tons of extra storage. A recessed bottle chiller could be just the item that provides a subtle charm.

Industrial-strength ventilation

I know from my firefighting experience that kitchen ventilation is very important.Two grills and six burners put off a lot of heat, smoke, and vapor, so a large ventilation system should be installed in any gourmet kitchen.Good Ventilation Hood Position There are many cutting-edge stainless steel range hoods that are designed for home high end kitchens.


Your gourmet kitchen should have many or all of the high end appliances we’ve mentioned in this post. But most important, it should reflect the style and desire of the connoisseur it was designed around. It can hold all or some of the items we mentioned or just a portion of them.

Last but not least, your gourmet kitchen should be designed around you and your type of cooking. A baker’s needs are different for those of a person specializing in raw foods. A vegetarian will choose different appliances and accessories that a meat eater. a fisherman needs a place to gut and filet, while an artisan cheese maker requires the tools to contend with the curds and whey.

Weather you specialize in crafting specialty foods from catch, you want to your ease of cooking, or you’re a downright culinary master looking for the setup to match your skills, a gourmet kitchen can do it all!

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