Kitchen Cookware Review, know before you buy!

Cookware Pix 3Cookware is an absolute necessity in every kitchen. However, quality cookware can be expensive, and it’s a challenge to know which brands, materials and types are best for you and your style of cooking. Hopefully, this review will cover some top picks for cookware based on price, and material to help you navigate through the maze of what’s available to the cook today with the stove types and more.

Cookware is an important investment, even if you’re looking for a cheaper set. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment do some research by looking at some good background information and consider some cookware reviews that have been designed to help you make a decision that you will not only be happy with but that will cause your purchase to last a long time.

Let’s take a few moments and look at some important points about cookware and the reviews that can help you on your quest.

Single pieces vs. Sets

There are definite advantages to buying pieces rather than full sets, so you might consider going that route if you have some pots and pans you’re already in love with, or if you want to build on what your already have. One big advantage to buying sets as appose to pieces is that you’ll have matching sets of cookware and everything will fit and be coordinated. It also makes sense if you’re moving to another type of cookware.

How many pieces in your set

While it may seem like to do yourself a favor is to get as many pieces as possible with your set, that’s not always the best way to do things. Mayn time buying smaller sets are the best because you can get the cookware pots and pans that you need and use most often. The fact that you get fewer pieces can also mean you can spend more on quality instead of quantity. For example a cooper set of only three items but they’re of higher quality.

Another point to keep in mind is that you can always buy what you need now and add to your set later. Don’t buy because it has the most pieces. If your short on cabinet space make sure you know what pieces you’ll need and get lids for example that fit more than one pot.

What’s your cooking level and style

Knowing what you want to do and are able to do in your kitchen is an important way to narrow down the selection and insure you the right cookware for you. Your skill level is the best place to start. If you’re new to the kitchen a stainless steel set may be the best for you. It can handle all the basics, i.e. scramble eggs, and french toast. Cooper can be very tricky because you can’t use them for everything. If you want something that’s gonna give your meats a certain flavor, you’ll need stainless steel, it sears well. If you plan to put it in the oven make sure it’s good to up to 500 degrees.

You’ll also notice that most cookware sets have basically the same size pots and pans. Make sure you have the right sizes that you’ll be needing to prepare your meals.

Understanding Cookware Material


Nonstick cookware is among the most popular on the market, although it has a bit of a shady reputation. Let’s look at the bad stuff first.

Nonstick cookware has come under fire for being unsafe – various reports claimed that the coating is toxic. The latest research shows that nonstick pots and pans are perfectly safe – as long as they are not overheated. This means a few things: you don’t want to preheat the pan (either empty or with oil), and the cheaper the pan, the faster it will overheat.

In reality, nonstick can’t be beat. It allows you to use less butter and oils and other fats in cooking. It’s easy to clean and is the least expensive.

Nonstick pans are usually made of other material – such as aluminum or stainless steel, and coated with nonstick material like Teflon. More eco-friendly materials are constantly coming on the market. Everyone must have at least one nonstick pan in the kitchen for things like eggs and fish. Never use abrasive cleaners, like steel wool on your nonstick pans.


Not to be outdone, stainless steel cookware gives nonstick a run for its money in the popularity department. In fact, may home cooks’ choose stainless when the move up from nonstick or they’re getting into something more expensive.Cookware Pix 4

Stainless offers some perks that nonstick don’t. Durability, won’t peel or chip. It does take a little longer to master cooking with stainless than nonstick Stainless steel lets you get a good sear on meats and is OK to put into the oven. Stainless steel can be a poor heat conductor on its own. Many cooks’ look for pans that have a layer of cooper or aluminum.

One key feature to look for when considering stainless steel in the number of layers. Look for at least Try-ply on your cookware. There’s a lot to love about stainless, but there;s also a lot to know in order to maximize your stainless cooking experience.


Cooper CookwareCooper appears in many kitchens ans decoration only. It’s beauty and is often misunderstood. It’s expensive and hard to cook with, so more experienced cooks’ dare to try. Take some time to get to know how to use cooper and you’ll be surprised how beautify cooking with Cooper can be. It does no work on conductive stovetops. If your’re gonna use cooper get the heavy gauge cooper for it’a durabiliy and beauty. Handwash and polish regularly. You’ll see two basic types of cooper, smooth and hammered. Hammered is usually more expensive but be careful and don’t pay more for hammered.

Cooper cookware is beautiful and functional and worth your time and consideration if you are an experienced cook who wants to elevate your cooking skills.

Aluminum, ceramic and cast iron we’ll take a look at in another post. There’s a lot to say about them all!

Trying to decide what cookware products are best suited for you can be a difficult and challenging task in many instances. Chances are that if your are it the market for cookware for your kitchen, you have found yourself scratching your head more that once trying to decide which products will best meet your our needs. I hope this brief review will help you make your choices easier and more fun!

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