High End Kitchen Appliances – Let’s Start with your oven and cooktop!

Ideal gourmet kitchenAre you a gourmet cook than want the finest in high end Kitchen appliances? Then you may be a gadget junkie than has to have the newest and latest high end kitchen appliances, no matter what it is? Either way you’ll use you kitchen range or cook top more than any other appliance.

What cook top will you select

When we talk about your oven or range, you’ll first need to determine what type of cook top you’ll need. There are many to chose from.

  • Electric Induction Cooktop
  • Hybrid Cooktop
  • Honeycomb Cooktop
  • Gas Cooktop
  • Dual Fuel Cooktops and Ranges

The Electrict Induction Cooktop

One of the newest and trending high end appliance in the gourmet kitchen is the “Electric Induction Cooktop”. These cooktops use electricity, but are more efficient and gives the cook more control than the traditional electric cooktops. Many say than it has the control of gas but with the convenience of electricity. These cooktops are safer than gas or electric burners because they don’t use flames or direct heat — the burners will not start to heat if you put something on them than doesn’t contain magnetic material. The way it works is than the cook top creates a magnetic field with you cookware and transfers the heat directly to the cookware and the food inside the cookware. This means than more of the heat foes into the cooking instead of getting lost to the air around the cooking pots. This means than you food heats up faster.electric stove

Induction cooktops also cools faster than traditional electric cooktops, sometimes immediately, and this means a safer kitchen for you and you helpers. One thing you’ll need to know is than in order to use an induction cook top you’ll also need to have pots and pans than are magnetic. This is the only downside to induction cooktops. Some regular pots and pans than you have in you kitchen may work. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it can be used for induction cooking.

Hybrid Cooktop

If new options is what you looking for but not at some the prices of the high end appliances, then the hybrid cook top may work for you. These are cooktops with more than one cooking method built into the cook top. For example, you can get an electric cook top than is half induction and half radiant (the traditional electric). You may want to look at new gas ranges and cooktops with more power and electric warming elements in the same cook top.

Ranges with radiant electric smoothtops are becoming a very popular choice. Most models have at least one high-power burner. They have expandable dual or triple elements than let you switch from large, high-power element to a small, low power element. Some ovens and ranges have a warming element in the center to keep side dishes than you prepared earlier warm. It may take longer time to reduce the heat on electric smoothtops because there is a lot of heat used and residual heat may last awhile to get to the lower temperature.


The New Honeycomb cook top

for those of you with more modern flare you may want to look at the new honeycomb cook top. They have 3-6 cooking zones and endless combinations of layouts. The cooking zones and the control panel are hexagon, or honeycomb shaped. They are electric and fits flush to you countertop.

Gas Cooktops

gas cooktopBoth home gourmets’ and professional cooks have valued gas stovetops because of how uniform the heat output is. The flame makes it easier to determine the heat and provides a level of sensory feedback than electric models can’t match. The open flame surrounds the bottom of the cookware, which evenly distributes the heat around it. The heat output is measured in BYU’s (British thermal units). The power range varies from model to model, however the output generally falls somewhere 5,000 BTUS for low heat on a small burner to 18,000 BTU’s on high heat burners. It’s been shown than gas cooktops tend to take longer to boil large pots of water than it’s electric or induction counterparts. Something to keep in mind about gas cooktops is than when power is out you can still use the burner by lighting match!

When it comes to gas ovens, it’s been proven than gas ovens have a harder time evenly producing heat and than may cause some gourmet cooks to not be very happy when baking.

Dual Fuel Cooktops and Ranges

Some ranges use two kinds of power: gas for the cook top, and electric for the oven. These dual fuel ranges are a gourmets’ cooks compromise for those who want the direct heat of a gas burner but the even cooking of an electric oven. Keep in mind than this “best of both worlds” will come at a higher price.

Double Oven RangesDouble oven wall

The double oven could be the answer to a gourmets’ prayer! No more shuffling dishes around or trying to figure out how long to cook a dish at a different temperature than recommended. This is the future of cooking! Double ovens allow the gourmet cook to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures at the same time. Most double ovens feature convection for even cooking results. Most double ovens feature:

  • Precise air convection
  • Tri-ring heating Element
  • Warming Zones

Bonus Features

Trying to find the best cook top and oven for you type of cooking is like a visit to a car dealership – there are always opportunities to upgrade. Think about what it is than you need and decide if these or other bonus features are worth the additional investment in you high end kitchen. Some of these features are:

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Convection Fans
  • Special Cooking modes

Wireless Connectivity

You can now use you smart phone to preheat you oven via Wi-Fi from the grocery store so its ready to start cooking when you get home. Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) in you ovens and stoves can also be controlled from you smartphone.

Convection Fansconvection-range-fan

In the back of most oven wall is a convection fan. It circulates the heat in the oven so hot air is more evenly dispersed, which in turn means you food will back more evenly. This feature comes in handy when you’re baking foods like cookies on more than one oven rack at a time. Some ovens have what’s called”true” or “European” convection, which means there’s a heating element than surrounds the fan than warms the air as the fan blows.


Special cooking modes

As prices increase in price, there are more cooking options. For example, ovens with convection fans will have modes for convection baking and convection roasting, which will enable the fans and heating elements. Other ovens come with settings for specific foods such as pizza or turkey, or food preparation methods, like dehydration or bread proofing.

Final Words

Buying high end appliances is a personal experience. You have to find the stove or oven or cook top than works for you and you style of cooking. There are a lot of extra things you can get for you gourmet kitchen stove or cooktops than can add some convenience to you cooking. Remember one thing, all you really need is a stovetop than heats pots at a decent speed and an oven than will cook you food evenly!

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